Predictive Dialers Get the Job Done

The system makes it possible to dramatically increase the time an agent spends on communication rather than waiting. Recent surveys indicate an increase in talk time from twenty minutes in the hour to almost fifty. The predictive dialing system is most suitable for low quality lists and large numbers of agents; however, an unexpectedly high contact rate can overwhelm the system leading to call abandonment.

Predictive dialers are commonly used by telemarketing organizations. These types of telemarketing organizations use the predictive dialer for allowing their agents to have extra customer contact. These systems may also be used widely by the debt management services and the market survey companies that require to contact and personally talk to many individuals using the telephones. Predictive systems are most commonly used as an easy and quick way to. Predictive systems are more commonly used as a quick and easy way to mechanize all kind of calls which would other than this be made manually in the call centers.

Predictive dialers usually depend on the fact that if an individual was to sit down and would have to manually dial 1000 people a huge percentage of these types of call would not result in contact with somebody on the other end. Typically only about 25-35% out of the 1000 calls made, would really link to a live person. The remaining calls would not be simply responded at all due to the fact that they would be answering machines, fax machines, modems of other electronic devices, while other calls will be invalid numbers or network error.

For those calls centers that make a huge figure of outbound calls, this actually signifies an issue. In these manual calling center, there is an agent who spends about 80% of his/her time in listening to the phone ring that is waiting to talk to someone or for dealing with any invalid numbers or for responding/answering machines and about only 20% of his/her time truly in speaking with a contact. Whereas, the predictive dialer will screen out all kinds of unproductive calls and then will allow the agent for having more contacts as well as less time in waiting for a call.

The smart predictive dialers combine autodialing along with voice messaging and those phone agents who are already prepared for handling the calls introduced by the dialer. And when a live answer is noticed, then the dialer automatically plays an introductory recorded message. By doing this will provide the call recipient the choice for talking with an agent for completing the transaction. This message is a consistent and reliable greeting that will identify the caller plus the nature of the call as well as the option to talk to an agent.

The predictive dialer confirms that the phone agent is available at that time when the call recipient will ask to speak with an agent. With all such confirmations it will ultimately result in increasing productivity and efficiency of the organization as a whole.

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